Summer Music Camp – August 2014

I felt like a kid going to music camp this summer.  My husband Mark and I loaded up our car with camping equipment, and drove to the coastal town of Mendocino, CA.  From there we turned inland, following a gravel road into a towering redwood forest.  We set up our camping site on the grounds of Woodlands Retreat Center to attend the Lark Music and Dance Camp.

We enjoyed seven full days of music instruction.  I took daily classes in Celtic Harp (of course!), Gaelic Singing, Bodhran (Irish Drum), and Music Business.  Harp instructors Lisa Lynne and Aryeh Frankfurter were very warm, personable, and insightful in teaching.  I felt that I left camp with a major upgrade to my playing.

No mere words can describe the magical feeling of Lark Camp – most classes held outside under the redwoods, casual classes with expert instruction, spontaneous music at all hours, more organized music jams, and the camaraderie of a shared love of music.  I’m looking forward to applying all of the things I learned at camp, and returning next year for more!

Our camp in the Mendocino Redwoods - August 2014

Our camp in the Mendocino Redwoods – August 2014